Everyone in the business technology space is familiar with containers.  Containers have modernized almost every aspect of how we build, ship and run software today.  The following article, while written through a very technical lens, does a great job of describing what we will see more of on the horizon with respect to connected device management via containers.  The tools that are being referred to here essentially provide simplified control, as everything gets deployed to the IoT device in containers. This makes managing and pushing software updates to the device much easier.  Equally important is that the attack surface for hackers is minimized, and as such, provides better protection at the end point.  What is most encouraging is that you don’t need to switch your chosen IoT tool or platform. You can use these new tools to actually deploy your current IoT platform to the device.

I’m super excited to tell about project that I have been doing in my free time past months. Eliot is Docker and Kubernetes inspired platform for managing containers in IoT devices and it’s available under MIT open source license.

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