The contributions that the IoT has made to the agricultural industry have brought both new capabilities and more simplification. One area that has been especially helpful to comparative crop research is drone photography. Photographs of farmland can be mush more easily analyzed to determine everything from plant counts to surface area. This aids greatly in quickly sizing up and deciding on which agronomic practices will produce the best results. The article that follows takes a deep dive into how IoT-based technologies are helping farmers deliver better yields more efficiently.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find parts of the economy that haven’t been affected by the burgeoning Internet of Things as instrumentation and networking technology combine to offer unprecedented new levels of visibility into the operation of everything from jet engines to breweries.

Even a business sector as traditional as agriculture is starting to change in response to the availability of connected sensors and machinery. We spoke to three working agricultural professionals to see how the technology of the IoT is changing the way they work.

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