One place where the IoT can make a significant contribution is in the area of worker safety. There is one company that has successfully put this to work. The company, Triax, has developed up a mesh network at a site that provides managers with wearables and an app that enables them to see where workers are and where machinery is located. The wearables can detect workplace accidents, track worker location, and actual worker productivity. The following story provides more details on what Triax is doing in this regard and how it is working presently. 

It’s no secret that construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, so when a company like Triax Technologies says it can make construction sites safer using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it’s worth lending an ear.

Using proprietary mesh network technology, Triax’s Spot-r system connects wearable sensors, wall-mountable evac alarms, and equipment for heavy machinery to a cloud-based platform that can be monitored with a smartphone app.

The goal, Triax Technologies CEO Robert Costantini said, isn’t to add another layer of complication to safety, but to change workplace safety culture. “We want to make each worker part of the safety team by making safety simple.”

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