The movement to accelerate the rapid development of IoT-based applications continues to pick up steam. Recently, the Microchip organization announced a new IoT rapid development board for Google Cloud IoT Core. Their PIC-IoT WG Development Board empowers PIC MCU designers to easily add cloud connectivity to next generation products using a free online portal. Once developers have connected to the portal they are able to use Microchip’s MPLAB Code Configurator rapid development tool to develop, debug and customize their applications. The following article provides more detail on the partnership and how this new arrangement can help IoT developers get product to market faster. 

PIC microcontrollers are at the heart of millions of modern-day embedded applications, including coffee makers, thermostats, irrigation systems and more.

As today’s developers begin to migrate next-generation PIC MCU-based applications to the cloud, they are faced with a litany of complexities associated with communications protocols, security and hardware compatibility. To help improve the development process of these applications, Microchip recently announced a new IoT rapid development board for Google Cloud IoT Core. It combines a low-power PIC microcontroller, CryptoAuthentication secure element IC and fully certified Wi-Fi network controller.

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