The IoT is having an extraordinary impact on traditional industries and there’s no better place to demonstrates its impressive disruption than on farming. An article at showcased new connected sensors that can provide farmers with mobile alerts on soil conditions ranging from oxygen deficiencies to insects challenges to pH levels.  Rather than farmers taking traditional methods of walking their fields, these sensors can generate significant efficiencies along with pinpointing specific areas where action must be taken now. Further, drones are in development that can also monitor fields and not alert farmers to crop issues but also immediately engage to spot treat areas for immediate concerns like insect activity or fertilizer.

Suddenly, the traditional farm industry is transforming into a high-tech endeavor with farmers in front of a computer monitoring their fields versus walking in a rough environment.  I expect this transformation will slowly build across new generations where one day, farming will take on a totally different perception than the dusty, well-tanned farmer waking before dawn to plow the fields.

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