We at IoT Sources continue to scour the web in search of the most actionable use cases that will aid vision, planning and execution of useful IoT-based projects and deployments.  While these have become increasingly hard to find, those that we do encounter that show purpose, we find extremely useful.  We are been hearing a lot about smart cars and and self driving vehicles for quite some time.  While these have a number of useful and beneficial attributes, we are seeing the emergence of a new type of autonomous vehicle that can provide some compelling applications and services. The following article describes how these vehicles can be fit-for-purposes that only a few years ago seemed way too futuristic.  No doubt we are still in the early days of the design phase of such applications.  Nonetheless, what was once unimaginable in the real world is clearly on the horizon now for deployment.

Not every self-driving car has to be able to move passengers from point A to point B. Take, for example, Nuro: The startup just revealed their unique autonomous vehicle platform, which is more of a mobile small logistics platform than a self-driving car.

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