Mercedes has just announced that they have partnered up with Nvidia to make sure that smart vehicles stay smart over time. We have seen a number of instances already where smart devices powered by certain services can sometimes become shuttered. This is what Mercedes and Nvidia are specifically looking to avoid by working together. In addition to incorporating Nvidia’s chip designs, Mercedes says the services for its new smart car platform will not only be cutting edge, but that they’ll also be available to second and third owners of the vehicles. The following article provides more details on the new partnership and what this will mean for vehicle owners and operators.

Mercedes Benz is teaming up with Nvidia to create a perpetually upgradable computing platform for vehicles that will allow cars to add automated driving functions over time, becoming smarter and more valuable the longer they are on the road.

Why it matters: Self-driving technology won’t arrive in a snap. Instead, it will roll out gradually through periodic software updates, similar to the way people refresh their smartphones. It’s a fundamental shift in thinking that will extend the life of cars, and allow even used-car buyers to get the latest technologies.

The big picture: Tesla already enables over-the-air updates on its vehicles, a benefit of designing its automotive computing platform from scratch.

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