NVIDIA is launching the world’s first computer chip designed exclusively for robotics. Loaded with more than nine billion transistors, it sports 32 deep learning TOPS (trillion operations per second), which is a more than 10x the energy efficiency and more than 20X the performance of its predecessor chip. This new chip empowers robots to understand the environment around them by way of multiple sensors. It has six high-performance processing units—a 512-core NVIDIA Volta architecture Tensor Core GPU, an eight-core Carmel ARM64 CPU, a dual NVDLA deep learning accelerator, along with image, vision, and video processors.

NVIDIA has launched Jetson AGX Xavier, a new AI chip with the potential to power next-generation robots and autonomous machines.

Jetson AGX Xavier joins the TX1 and TX2 family of chips to deliver unmatched computational power demanded by advanced AI applications. It offers the same performance as a workstation server in a device that can fit in the palm. Consuming just about 10 watts, the same power as a clock radio, the chip can power production applications developed using Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit.

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