With the Internet of Things market continuing to build momentum towards what McKinsey and Company predicts is a $4 trillion market value by 2025, it’s expected many massive platforms will find a way in. Salesforce is one such massive platform. Initially in 2015, Salesforce launched the Internet of Things Cloud. Here’s a brief video that showcases this first initiaitve.

Now, Salesforce has announced a new IoT initiative coming to market called, “IoT Explorer Edition” designed to help marketers, service providers and others understand the IoT data and put it to good use.

Salesforce’s IoT Explorer Edition will provide non-technical personnel a supposedly simple way to connect to different devices and sensors in order to create automated workflows and activity triggers. For example, a piece of connected industrial equipment could reach a threshold that triggers an urgent service call to the maintenance team. But beyond this simple example, Salesforce also wants to merge other business data with IoT data to generate new business value.

Clearly Salesforce is allocating a significant investment on the Internet of Things. As with other companies, it sees a connection among the customer, newly captured IoT data from devices and various other data sources that when combined creates entirely new insights and business models.


According to the article below, “The overall goal is to pitch IoT Explorer as a proactive engagement tool. Pilot customers include Emerson Climate Technologies, Schneider Electric, Lippert Components and Rehrig Pacific. IoT Explorer was used for sales, service and customer engagement.”

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