There are not many of us who don’t recall the era, if not for the technology itself, certainly for the financial panacea that occurred. 
 Well the money is beginning to flow again into the technology startup markets, and in the IoT marketplace the rapid increase in investment is worth noting.  To date 36 startups have raised over $100M, up from just eight startups three years ago.  More interesting is that there are 18 unicorns (these are privately held companies with a valuation exceeding $1B).  What’s important to remember is that innovation is not always relegated to the biggest and best tech companies.  More times than not, when a marketplace is moving at light speed, it’s the speed and agility that the startup company possesses that ultimately wins the race.  Here are some vertical markets and opportunities that appear to be the most immediate.        

Almost 250 years after James Watt filed his first patent in 1769, we have reached a turning point in this new industrial revolution, as ecosystem evolutions enable a new wave of innovative products to come to life. Based on analysis of over 200 hardware startups, the HAX Hardware Trends Report has identified six key ways the world of connected devices has evolved and will impact our lives in the coming years.

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