There appears to be a trend occurring where we are seeing more intelligent robots moving into new areas of manual work on the factory floor. There have been many new advances made lately in AI that are enabling robotics to execute tasks that require greater manual dexterity. Traditionally, activities such as removing boxes or transporting components between production lines had to be handled by humans. This is all changing now. The article below details the specifics.

AS THE CORONAVIRUS began to spread through Japan in March, workers at a warehouse in Sugito that processes millions of personal care products each day were overrun by a spike in demand for masks, gloves, soap, and hand sanitizer.

To prevent workers from spreading the deadly virus, the company that operates the center, Paltac, introduced temperature checks, masks, and regular decontaminations. In coming weeks, it plans a more radical solution—hiring more robots.

“We have to consider more automation, more use of robotics, in order for people to be spaced apart,” says Shohei Matsumoto, deputy general manager of the company’s R&D division. “There are going to be fewer opportunities for humans to touch the items.

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