In the IoT economy, we find that most IoT product focused enterprises are directing their research and investment toward the development of product sensors.  Simply put, basic sensors are being built into every device or manufactured good that the company sells. Haier has taken a much more forward looking approach with their sensor strategy. They focus on developing user sensors.  User sensors are essentially devices that monitor user behavior from a variety of vantage points, regardless of whether or not they are incorporated into products or not. Capturing behavioral data as opposed to static data empowers them to respond to the specific needs of each individual customer. The following article describes a single automated process and platform that designs a customer’s order, calls for the appropriate components from the suppliers, manufactures the product dynamically and delivers it to the customer.  And as I mentioned in a previous POV post, most important, is that the embedded smart sensors enable the company to provide superior aftermarket support and maintenance, since they can identify user behavioral trends.

The world’s largest and fastest-growing home appliance company has always moved ahead of technological change. Now, as it enters a world of sensors and artificial intelligence, it is shifting the way it does business yet again.

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