i have been keeping a keen watch lately on what effects the IoT and AI are having on the insurance and legal industries. The IoT looks like it is making inroads in the commercial insurance space. Samsara is an IoT platform provider that currently focuses on fleet management. They recently formed a partnership with RLI Transportation, a division of RLI Insurance Company, that provides customers with Samsara sensors and cameras in order to get a discount on their insurance premiums. This appears to be an important development in the insurance industry as it portends more future integration of IoT and Ai technologies. The press release that follows describes more about the partnership and what some of the benefits are to all parties. 

RLI Transportation, a division of RLI Insurance Company, announced today a partnership with Samsara, an Industrial IoT company that provides sensors and software to manage vehicle fleets and industrial operations.

The partnership will provide RLI Transportation customers within the large trucking, public auto, and commercial specialty auto industries with enhanced loss control resources through free dashboard cameras and telematics devices, data analytics that provide real time visibility to fleet vehicle operations and customized loss control consultations. Participating insureds who implement the Samsara solution can receive up to a 5% insurance premium credit.

“Our customers are consistently looking to improve their results through tools that enhance driver safety,” said Mike Haswell, RLI Transportation Vice President, Business Development and Retention. “Samsara’s video-based solution provides drivers with real time coaching to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. It also helps transportation companies improve the overall safety of their fleet by providing greater visibility into hard-to-detect driving events like harsh braking, rolling stops, near-misses, speeding and distracted driving.

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