There appears to be no more important sensor technology for IoT-bsed applications than the vision sensor.  Think about it.  Video has become pervasive in so many aspects of our day-to-day lives. From streaming live video platforms, to video on demand to realtime video conversations, it’s easy to take for granted the impact that vision sensors have had in a world of internet-connected end point devices.  Of all IoT sensors, the vision sensor is clearly the most versatile and useful in the IoT ecosystem.  Once vision sensors are fused with vision intelligence, an entire new dimension of IoT applications can be created.  This does not mean that building IoT applications with embedded vision and intelligence is not going to raise security concerns.  However, the rewards we will derive from the use cases that will be designed, developed and deployed with these sensors at their core, will clearly outweigh the inherent risks that exist.

From computers to robots to artificial intelligence, multiple key technology advances have been inspired by the need to replicate or emulate human intelligence, sensing capabilities and behavior.

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