The IoT can actually prove be a major asset for the Pharma industry. With strict guidelines around regulatory compliance, the IoT can play an important role as it provides the ability to monitor and document all events, variations and concentration at every step of the manufacturing process. The data collected from IoT end points also enables plant operators to monitor all events during the entire process. The article that follows details how putting the IoT to work in the Pharma industry can improve productivity and increase efficiencies.  

Pharma is big business, but what it’s not generally recognized is, in large part, a manufacturing business with complex supply chains, finicky chemical processes and products that have to meet stringent quality controls. Few of those outside the industry think about how drugs are made safely, efficiently and at scale with reliable quality and in precisely measured doses.

Even more interesting is the simple fact that pharma often produces sophisticated drugs using manufacturing processes that are decades out of date, and which are being phased out in comparable industries, such as chemical manufacturing.

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