At IoT Sources we remain constantly on the lookout to identify those IoT Industry Innovators who are leaders in their respective industries. This week we’re highlighting the Top 10 endpoint providers by market cap. End Points is one of six content pillars that serve as the underpinnings of the IoT ecosystem as defined by IoT Sources. The IoT Sources End Points pillar includes all connected devices from things, to autos, to homes, to IIoT sensors.

Top 10 Industry Innovators for End Points by Market Cap

  1. Samsung – $371T
  2. Bosch – $560B
  3. Intel – $242B
  4. Honeywell – $114B
  5. NXP Semiconductors – $42B
  6. TE Connectivity – $36B
  7. Johnson Controls – $36B
  8. Analog Devices – $35B
  9. ARM Holdings – $32B
  10. ST Microelectronics – $22B

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