Become an IoT Sources Founding Partner

IoT Sources is pleased to provide complementary value-added elements for our first six Founding Partners. A Founding Partner will have the opportunity to own any one of the six pillars that serve as the foundation of IoT Sources. The pillars are:

  • End Points – things, autos, homes, connected devices
  • Communications – service providers, gateways, infrastructure
  • Security – application, endpoint, network, threat detection
  • Business Intelligence – analytics, big data, edge/fog computing
  • Applications – business, consumer, education, government
  • Services – IoTaaS, cloud, consulting, research, M&A activity

Each Founding Partner will receive 100 percent share of voice in supporting all the content associated with their respective pillar. Founding Partner opportunities are available on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on the elements contained in the complementary value-added package please email Steve<at> or Kevin<at>