Security is a monumental concern for IoT devices. Therefore, how to embed security should be (if not so already) a top concern for IoT developers. With the increase in malware attacks and other security risks, developers must have the foresight when developing IoT devices to handle security requirements.

Three important points are raised for developers to include in their coding plans.

(1) Framing for Patchability: IoT devices should be capable of being updated to handle future malware attacks. It’s hard to predict how future malware attacks will occur so IoT devices must be adaptable via updates to handle potential vulnerabilities.

(2) Designing for Consumer Simplicity: IoT devices, typically used by non-technical end-users, need to offer simple ways to perform security updates. These updates range from simple-to-conduct user name and password updates to running timely security patches. Historically, this has been a challenging area for developers. Consider the complexity of updating security risks on wireless home networks. The process is time-consuming and not easy to perform without some level of technical know-how. As IoT devices expand into every corner of a home, non-technical users must have the ability to easily and quickly keep up-to-date on security patches.

(3) Building with Security in Mind: The article rightly states that IoT device security, “cannot be thought of as an after-measure.” IoT developers, designers and product managers must plan security into the device. It may require an additional investment but the return will come in building consumer confidence with IoT devices over time. With connected devices in the early adopter stages, it’s important to leverage the early adopters’ willingness to explore to test and gain insights on how security best fits into the consumer experience.

It’s an exciting time to be a developer of IoT devices. However, it also requires a level of discipline to carefully consider how security and the impact of security risks can play on the expansion of the market. Careful consideration and integration of simple, patchable and reasonable security measures now will help gain consumer confidence for continual market growth in the future.

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