Many organizations looking to deploy IoT initiatives neglect to thoroughly plan and execute on a sound security strategy prior to deployment. Hackers are always on the lookout to uncover new vulnerabilities. Unfortunately for many organizations, these hackers are finding new points of entry for breaches that haven’t been previously seen. As the surge in the frequency of attacks continues to grow it is more critical than ever to take actions to mitigate these attacks. The following story outlines four smart steps that enterprises can take in order to safeguard their networks and their IoT devices.

The field of IoT continues to proliferate at a mass scale across both consumer and commercial use. With endless IoT device applications, the industry has been relaunched into an era of automated toasters, remotely controllable washing machines, simplified retrofit of centralized systems in property management, manufacturing, and even in finance. According to, In 2018, there were approximately 7 billion devices; as of 2019, there were well over 25 billion. This advancement and simplification, however, comes at a steep cost.

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