IoT Sources hasn’t published either one of our POV posts or a TOPTAKES post in our Security Pillar in almost three weeks. The reason for this is simple. We haven’t found anything other than the obvious to bring to the community’s attention with regard to IoT security. What we were able to locate today was something that we thought could bring significant value. The following article describes the what, the why and the how-to around securing your IoT devices. The “what” takes a detailed look at the anatomy of an IoT device. The “why” dissects some of the recent IoT malware attacks and the thinking behind their creation. The “how-to” provides step-by-step instructions (and screen shots) for protecting your IoT devices by changing default passwords and running scans of your IP address. 

Your IoT devices are under attack! (Yawn)

Yeah, I get it. For quite some time now I’ve been hearing about how insecure IoT devices are. And, honestly, I sort of stopped paying attention to IoT malware attacks. What else is new? And besides, that’s the kind of thing that happens to other people, right?

Wrong. If you have IoT devices in your home, or on your corporate network (or both), this might have already happened to you. And if it has not happened, it almost certainly will. The truly frightening thing is that your devices might have already been attacked and compromised. And you might not even know.

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