Microsoft is now assuring IoT developers and vendors that they can confidently use Azure Sphere to secure current product lines, as well as develop new solutions with Microsoft Azure Sphere and Microsoft’s selected hardware partners. Microsoft’s belief system is that cyberattacks will continue to occur in perpetuity. As such, they have reinforced Azure Sphere with multiple layers of protection, along with other features that will continually improve security features. These combined features are designed to  specifically limit the extension of an attack, and renew and enhance the security of a device over time. The article that follows does an excellent job of providing more detail on how this all works. 

After several years of developing, lining up partnerships, and certifying software and devices, Microsoft is now opening Azure Sphere to the IoT developer market

With the proliferation of connected devices, along with the number of threats growing exponentially, the need to effectively secure those devices has increased considerably in the lat few years.

Eight in ten people have at least one IoT device in their home. Moreover, in five years, there will be over five connected IoT devices per person on the planet. Some of those devices operate for many years and will be connected to or part of physical objects that can be remotely managed.

“In a connected IoT environment, remote actors are able to affect or monitor not just the digital environment but also the actual physical environment. So that creates all sorts of risks that need to be addressed.” says Dr. Galen Hunt, product leader of Azure Sphere at Microsoft, and co-author of the Seven Properties of Highly Secured Devices. “It’s in everybody’s favor that all devices be secure. If consumers and enterprises can know that every device has a strong foundation of security and trustworthiness, then they’ll be more likely to buy devices, and build devices, and deploy devices.”

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