As the UK’s premier provider of smart home alarm systems, Boundary’s solutions for home defense boast cutting-edge design and technology. One addition the company has made to further secure its products against cyberattack is the integration of EmSPARK IoT embedded security by Sequitur Labs.

Boundary Technologies home alarm systems have been recognized for cutting-edge design and technology that offer several tiers of monitoring, geofencing, smartphone app controls, and keyholder response to immediately alert a list of contacts, including local police. The company has teamed with Sequitur Labs to integrate the EmSPARK IoT security platform with Boundary’s innovative home alarm systems.

Boundary’s home alarm innovations have gained notoriety for their adaptability and customizable deployments to meet customer requirements in a wide range of settings. The flexible smart home systems securely integrate with devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other platforms for ease-of-use. Additionally, Boundary devices are built to meet the standards of UK and European home security devices, a rigorously structured and legislated industry.

To comply with these demanding requirements, such as the IoT Security Foundation’s Compliance Framework for Best Practices and BS EN 50131 resilience grading for intruder alarm systems, Boundary sought a robust set of production-ready security capabilities, and found them in EmSPARK’s suite of tools and APIs for proper IoT protection. With EmSPARK, Boundary smart alarms gain key and certificate management for protecting devices in the home, secure Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates for high reliability, secure payload verification for verifying the integrity of critical home safety functions, and more.

“We had to choose whether to develop our own embedded security mechanisms from scratch, or integrate and iterate on a foundation that’s already been built to address those critical goals,” said Paul Walton, Founder, Boundary. “It served us better to work with Sequitur’s EmSPARK and focus our own engineering resources on the features that make Boundary unique, plus we were able to get our products to market far more quickly and within budget.”

Boundary devices planned for future availability include AI-powered cameras that learn to distinguish normal and suspicious activity. The company’s relationship with Sequitur Labs looks strategic as the company is further accelerating time-to-market with design partner ARS who uses the Microchip SAMA5D27, a System-on-Module (SOM) that is supported by the EmSPARK Security Suite.

EmSPARK provides production-ready systems for industries where embedded security is paramount with industrial controls, building automation, machine vision, automotive communication, medical devices, and smart homes devices from providers like Boundary. IoT hardware manufacturers use EmSPARK to easily implement device-level security by addressing all the technical, IP, supply chain and business process challenges. Developers can easily build applications that use secure resources without having to become experts in cryptography and complex hardware security technologies.

“Vulnerabilities in a home security system can literally be a matter of life and death, but Boundary met the challenge of delivering a product fully capable of meeting the high expectations and meticulous standards of the industry,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO, Sequitur Labs. “EmSPARK allows Boundary to manage security throughout the lifecycle of their devices, from secure boot, OTA updates, failovers, and IP protection.”

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