You’ve heard the expression “The devil is in the details’.  In this particular case, he is  – and in a potentially very big way in the IoT world.  Devil’s Ivy shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it has infected more than just security camera devices.  While the initial discovery of the presence of Devil’s Ivy was made in these cameras, recent research confirms that the gSOAP code Devil’s Ivy infects is present in other physical security products.  Essentially, any software or device manufacturer that relies on gSOAP to support its services could easily be affected by Devil’s Ivy.  Help is available though.    

The Internet of Things is well-known for its security vulnerability. A case in point is last fall’s massive IoT-fueled DDoS attack that took out a sizeable portion of the Internet.  Now a new threat has been discovered and the security experts who found it said this could be the biggest security nightmare yet.

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