The Global Cyber Alliance recently announced an initiative to provide digital honeypots that simulate real IoT devices that are in operation around the globe. The notion here is to entice real world IoT attacks on these simulated end points. This way the attacks can be detected by these digital imposters so that GCA’s security platform can analyze these device threats. Once this has been accomplished, digital protection can be enabled on the real world devices to eliminate the attack vectors. The press release that follows provides extensive details on just how this will work in real time.

The Global Cyber Alliance, working with its partners, today launched the Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE), a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity development platform for Internet of Things (IoT) products. AIDE enables small businesses, manufacturers, service providers and individuals to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and secure IoT devices against the growing volume of threats to this interconnected environment.

A complementary resource to the AIDE platform is the GCA ProxyPot, a custom IoT honeypot solution developed by GCA, which is capable of replicating one IoT device across multiple IP addresses and physical locations to identify global attack risks quickly, efficiently and accurately. Together, the AIDE and ProxyPot platforms allow for organisations and individuals to have greater visibility into the types and scale of threats facing the IoT devices deployed into various environments, including smart cities and other smart ecosystems.

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