There are concrete steps that an organization can take to protect the integrity of their IoT systems. At the risk of stating the obvious, with IoT device attacks on the rise, Internet of Things security is more critical than ever to safeguard the business from potential hackers. Proactive measures that secure company data should include re-examining your network’s architecture, adopting an IoT certification program, or simply the taking proper steps to secure your personal devices. The following article details the potential risks that companies face and prescriptive actions that can be taken to secure the IoT network.

As employees increase how often they use smart devices as part of their daily jobs, businesses are investing in building IoT networks.

While IoT networks make information accessible and protected from hardware errors, businesses should invest in the proper tools to keep their information safe.

Over 20 percent of companies reported a data breach or cyberattack in 2018 that could be traced back to unsecured IoT devices, according to a Ponemon Institute Survey.

This article will focus on the approaches that help build a better Internet of Thingssecurity system and prevent a destructive breach.

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