While government regulators and IoT industry associations have been actively advocating for IoT device makers to embed more effective security measures into their products, it is becoming apparent that something more is becoming necessary. As a result we are seeing the emergence of what some are referring to as a cottage industry of security companies that are addressing the need for better Network Detection and Response (NDR). These NDR players take the position that it’s incumbent on them to keep a keen eye on the billions of packets that traverse enterprise networks, especially those being generated from IoT-based systems. The story that follows provides an in depth look at the industry, and offers an interesting interview with an NDR security expert.  

Companies have commenced the dispersal of IoT systems far and wide. Data collected by IoT devices will increasingly get ingested into cloud-centric networks where it will get crunched by virtual servers. And fantastic new IoT-enabled services will spew out of the other end.

The many privacy and security issues raised by IoT, however, are another story. The addressing of IoT privacy and security concerns lags far, far behind. Commendably, the global cybersecurity community continues to push companies to practice cyber hygiene. And industry groups and government regulators are stepping up efforts to incentivize IoT device makers to embed security at the device level.

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