There has been a new report published by security group Pwinie Express.  The report states that 85 percent of the 500+ security professionals it surveyed are of the belief that there will be a major cyberattack on mission critical infrastructure within the next five years. The report goes on to say that the respondents perceive the most vulnerable industries are health, human services, energy and public safety. The following article points out that these organizations are cognizant of the impending risk of threats. As such, they want to take the right preventive steps. The question is though, where to begin?

We’re putting a lot of technology in a lot more places these days, and we’re connecting it to the internet in the hopes of being able to see new patterns so we can change our lifestyles and businesses. This has opened up a huge attack surface. In the last two years, not only have a range of new threats come to light, but old threats have become more powerful, all of which has led experts to believe that the next big cyberattack could take down critical infrastructure — and it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

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