With the increase of the IoT of Medical Things gaining in popularity, it is no surprise that there has been a corresponding increase in security threats. Hackers are increasingly targeting public healthcare institutions in the U.S., with their main targets being all types and sizes of hospitals. When it comes to IoMT, there are two important security aspects that need to be considered. These are the physical threats and the privacy risks. The following article provides examples of these risks and what the fallout could be from not addressing them proactively.   

IoT is everywhere today, and one area where it’s gaining prevalence is the medical industry. The Internet of Medical Things, or IoMT for short, is another crucial area where security needs to be addressed.

Smart technologies provide many benefits in the medical industry. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that smart devices are increasingly being used in hospitals. Such devices allow doctors to quickly and continuously monitor their patients and their medical situations. What’s more, smart technologies allow for more precise analysis and earlier recognition of medical issues.

Naturally, smart devices enable other benefits that are not connected to the patients’ health. Hospitals and other medical centers rely on smart devices for quicker and easier monitoring and information flow.

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