The Internet of Things continues to gain steam as it transforms industries. IoT Sources has written specifically how the IoT is digitally transforming the U.S. military. However, if there’s an industry where IoT security is paramount, its the military. 

A July 2017 report issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, guided agencies to explore IoT deployments carefully while working to plug gaps that exist between security policies and IoT vulnerabilities. It was noted that Federal IT leaders seek to strike a balance that addresses security risks while maintaining the utility of IoT systems. The U.S. military is aggressively pursuing IoT deployments across wearables, portable electronic devices, smartphones, and devices for industrial control systems.

What’s interesting is how the military is looking at industry and academic leaders to see where they’re going and to figure out where they need to partner better and collaborate to get the right technology and security where it is needed the most. A collaborative effort that could have widespread benefits. 

As stated by a military tech chief,

“IoT represents the next phase in the evolution of technology. The devices that are becoming available now are forming the building blocks of how the technology is going to be shaped in the near future. If the government and Department of Defense aren’t involved in shaping the security of these devices, we’re going to find ourselves at a severe loss.”

It’s important to keep an eye on the military and how it collaborates with industry and academia to secure the IoT. It is such a significant priority that the standard it develops could become industry standards for the IoT in the future. 

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