A recent Gartner report stated that by 2020, more than a quarter of enterprise attacks will involve IoT. Compounding this problem is that, at today’s vantage point, IoT security is projected to only represent 10 percent of IT security budgets by 2020. Certainly an imbalance that creates an opportunity for innovative companies to fill a clear market need.

Two innovative companies have spotted this issue and are partnering to serve it. A new partnership between VMware and security software provider ZingBox is forming to serve this looming challenge within the IIoT. The companies plan to integrate VMware’s Pulse IoT Center with ZingBox’s personality approach to IoT security to create enhanced security for enterprise IoT implementations.

Although VMWare is not the first enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure management solution, its integration of ZingBox’s security into its solution is an innovative move. IoT security continues to be a major issue for ensuring the continual adoption of IoT across enterprises.

If you are not familiar with ZingBox, it claims to utilize a unique device personality approach to IoT security. This approach employs machine learning to determine the characteristic profile of an IoT device. Through “knowing” the behavioral characteristics of each device, ZingBox can provide a way to identify nefarious behavior, which could be indicative of a security threat.

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