Deploying IoT-based initiatives in one’s enterprise is not without its challenges, but of equal or even more pressure is the importance to get it right. We rarely get to hear directly from IoT leaders about what some of their issues and concerns are when executing on their organization’s IoT strategy. Recently, an IoT conference operator released its findings from a study they conducted over 100 IoT leaders. Some of what they shared may surprise you, although their concerns over security would probably not be one of these things. The story below summarizes some of the other key takeaways.    

Many organizations face hurdles when it comes to implementation of their IoT infrastructure. While organizations are building out their expertise and constantly exploring new technology, they are also being judicious in which technologies they are implementing.

San Francisco, Calif.-based IoT conference and expo Internet of Things World, released findings from its survey of over 100 IoT enterprise leaders within enterprises.

It wanted to discover how their executives feel about the IoT implementation at their organizations.

The research focused on the top concerns decision makers have related to: Implementation, employee training, cybersecurity, and blockchain, as well as how they plan to overcome them.

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