Choosing the right enterprise IoT solution can prove to be a daunting task. Users are finding that this can be a more complicated process than they originally anticipated. There are some steps that users can take though, to ensure they’re making the best choices when deciding on which vendors to partner with. The following article does an excellent job of providing a checklist of the right questions to ask when embarking on a large-scale enterprise IoT monitoring project.

Todays internet of things market includes countless consumer gadgets such as routers, Internet-connected video cameras and smart TVs, as well as innumerable enterprise IoT devices for business, scientific and industrial applications.

Products in the latter category have traditionally been a “systems” sale, so they were expensive, pricing was secretive, consulting and installation services were usually part and parcel of a sale, and the real cost of a solution was dependent on how much you were willing to pay.

But enterprise IoT selling tactics are changing in response to the commoditization of IoT. Products are becoming cheaper, more easily sourced, transparently priced and much simpler to install. Unfortunately, not all players in the IoT world have responded to this trend, so buying some enterprise IoT products can be a lengthy and unnecessarily complex process if you’re dealing with the “old school” vendors.

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