As we come toward year’s end, we are beginning to see the IoT predictions for 2020. While a forward facing look at the horizon can be helpful, I find that equal, or even more value can be derived from a retrospective view. For the fifth consecutive year now, Dresner Advisory Associates’ has conducted their 2019 Edition of IoT Intelligence® Market Study. The study reviews many organizations’ interest in, and demand for applying business intelligence (BI) to IoT data, systems, and processes. I have found numerous fascinating insights in this study. The article that follows does an excellent job of breaking down the results and sharing these insights.

Catching Up On The Latest In IoT Intelligence, 2019
  • 59% of enterprises consider data science and machine learning critical to their business in 2019.
  • 48% of enterprises say Cloud BI is either critical or very important to their operations, which is an all-time high for the survey.
  • Marketing & Sales and R&D place the highest levels of importance on IoT today.
  • Manufacturing, Financial Services/Insurance, and Technology enterprises are the most likely to describe IoT technologies as critical to their business.

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