This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an enormous amount of disruption to our lives along with every industry and business. This rendered most 2020 IoT market predictions completely invalid and immaterial. While the pandemic wiped out many of the proactive digital transformation efforts of most entities, it opened the door to use IoT-based technologies in innovative and effective new ways to combat the pandemic itself. With a new year unfolding in front of us, many of these new initiatives will continue to evolve, and with them a renewed focus on proactive IoT-based projects. The post below takes a look at five top IoT predictions for 2021.

2020 has been a year of significant changes, both on the use of technology and the acceptance that it is necessary for all sectors of society. New benefits of connectivity, and the internet of things, are appearing daily, changing the way we work, study, and conduct many activities of our daily lives.

Last year, I predicted that Industrial IoT would be growing faster in 2020 and that vehicles with V2V and V2X connectivity would be cruising our streets.

Obviously, the pandemic has pushed back most of those plans. However, technology has helped us continue most of the industrial activity and quickly transform many operations to help fight the virus’s spread.

Also, IoT has a critical role in ensuring the global supply chain’s security and predictability, especially for essentials like food, medications, and vaccines.

Here are the five trends that I believe will dominate the IoT market in 2021:

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