Companies in every vertical industry have cost, revenue, performance, and customer experience goals and objectives. One such industry that has used IoT-based solutions to advance their cause in each of these areas is transportation. The transportation industry has been an early IoT adopter in many of their current business cases, however they have also spawned new use cases as companies now understand IoT’s potential much better. In the case of transportation, the visibility of operational performance is key to IoT’s success. IoT also helps them better understand the needs and wants of customers. The article that follows provides a deep dive into five key lessons learned from transportation.

Technology drives business strategy now more than ever—and nowhere is this more apparent than in the logistics industry. As an early IoT adopter, the stories of truck fleet digital transformation are numerous. They include chronicling the adoption of sensor-based technology and analytics to track where trucks are en route, whether they meet deadlines, what road repair and weather conditions look like, and even the safety habits of drivers.

Virtually every industry sector can learn from the success that logistics companies have experienced with IoT and analytics. Below are five business lessons learned from logistics.

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