What we don’t know can sometimes surprise us. This was the case for me with the five things that are mentioned in the article below, save the the one about powerless IoT sensors being currently in development. I took particular note in the recommendation of the author for IoT marketers, where it was suggested that marketers of IoT solutions replace push marketing tactics with integrated product placement practices. In my opinion the same can be said for the push mentality behind marketing quality IoT educational content. Vendors and System Integrators who provide informative and educational IoT content that adds value to the process are far better served by partnering with a trusted third party platform (such as IoT Sources), than trying to go it on their own.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more important for consumers and, consequently, marketers.

As internet-connected devices proliferate, the IoT offers marketers new opportunities and challenges when striving to connect with customers.

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