Just recently, the United States Government Accountability Office’s Center for Science, Technology, and Engineering conducted an extensive study of the IoT at the request of Congress. The GAO interviewed agency officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), researchers, and other industry experts.  They also participated in conferences on the latest uses and implications of the IoT to discuss and gather data and viewpoints from various perspectives. In addition, they collaborated with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).  The collection and analysis of data and information began in September 2015 and concluded in May 2017.  The author of the article below does a good job of summarizing the vertical industries that the study shows are most apt to benefit immediately from IoT adoption.  And while the article is a good quick read, the full study is worth perusing.     

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping business models across just about every sector of the economy – but each sector has its own brand of change. In addition, significant challenges accompany the rise of IoT, such as security issues, and lack of standards. These are among the key takeaways on a new report released by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), which examined the broader implications of the Internet of Things.

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