Commercial applications, edge computing, machine phishing and real-time data access are among the top trends that will drive IoT strategies in 2019, according to the author of the following article. One trend that was not mentioned is 5G technology. 5G, I am convinced, will be a major driver of IoT deployments this year. Nonetheless, the article does provide good insights into where number the opportunities lie for organizations that are putting the IoT to work.   

“IoT has made a lot of progress in the last decade,” notes Chris Nelson, vice president of engineering at OSIsoft. “2019 is well underway, as the year progresses we’ll continue to see IoT mature and evolve, particularly for industrial applications as these organizations realize the opportunity to monetize IoT. From mitigating security risks to realizing the potential for edge computing, IoT is sure to bring its share of challenges and opportunities.” In the following slides, Nelson takes a closer look at the issues and trends that will shape IoT.

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