Akamai recently announced the introduction of their “intelligent Platform” for the Internet of Things.  Their first offering is being brought to market in the automotive space.  The primary application they look to support with this new offering will enable automobile manufacturers to communicate with vehicles directly via wireless platforms.  This new service will in turn, help auto dealerships build a “digital relationship” with their customers by allowing them to proactively communicate vehicle diagnostics and update firmware.  Akamai already claims they are the “world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform” serving millions of websites.  The company hopes to leverage its legacy position in the internet and interactive security space to accelerate adoption in an industry that is known to take IoT security seriously.

Akamai Unveils Intelligent Platform for the Internet of Things

Yesterday at the Akamai EDGE 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Akamai Technologies unveiled its plan to help manufacturing companies incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their IT infrastructures. The strategy revolves around the Akamai Intelligent Platform which will be used to support data transfer to and from connected devices around the world.

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