What programming languages are most prevalent in the IoT world? It seems there is a consensus that Java is the most popular IoT programming language. Java has many key attributes that suit the IoT. Mainly, it works in a broad array of environments that span the backend out to mobile apps. Ut also seems to be the language of choice in gateways and in the cloud. On the other hand, C seems to have found itself the preferred programming language for embedded IoT devices. C++ makes the most appearances in more complex Linux implementations. Python, meanwhile, is well suited for data-intensive applications. Python, along with Javascript, appear to be gaining ground on Java for different subdomains of IoT development. The following article does a good job of explaining the benefits of the different languages for specific applications, and provides a list of the Top 14 as well.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, it can be difficult to track which tools are most popular for different purposes. Similarly, trying to keep tabs on the relative popularity of programming languages can be a complex endeavor with few clear parameters. So, trying to figure out the most popular programming languages among the estimated 6.2 million IoT developers (in 2016) seems doubly fraught — but I’m not going to let that stop me.

There’s not a lot information on the topic, but if you’re willing to look at sources ranging from Medium to Quora to corporate sites and IoT blogs, and you’re willing to go back a few years, you can pick up some common threads.

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