IoT Sources mission is singular in its focus.  Simply stated – our goal is to help the IoT innovator and early adopter community put the Internet of Things to work.

Covering the What and the Why and Now the “How-To”

This is why we provide the “what” and the “why” of the most important IoT information we feel you need to know about. What we can’t provide on our own is the “how to” content needed to put the IoT to work successfully.  We must leave this to the experts.

The “how-to” experts are the vendors, systems integrators and service providers who deliver the products, solutions, and services that make IoT-based initiatives happen.

New IoT Vendor Directory

As IoT Sources prepares for its official launch, we are building out the necessary mechanisms to enable IoT vendor companies to showcase their IoT expertise and know-how. What you can now see from us is a complete directory of all IoT vendors.  The newly launched IoT Vendor Directory lists over 1,700 IoT vendor companies – 1700 vendor companies that IoT decision-makers can find all in one place.

According to a recent IDG customer engagement survey, “79% of technology decision-makers say that if they can’t find vendor content during the research process, it negatively affects their impression of the company.” So, in an effort to help both buyers and sellers, our new directory will soon be able to house all “how to” content assets by vendor for even easier reference.

Announcing Top IoT Industry Innovators

Finally, we feel that recognition among the vendor community is equally important. As such, each week we will list the top IoT Industry Innovators by pillar.  These companies will appear in order of market cap and segmented into one of six IoT Sources’ pillars. Today, we start this process by providing the Top 10 Industry Innovators serving the End Points pillar.  Stay tuned each week as we update each pillar listing.

Get Involved

We are pleased the community has found the “what” and the “why” content we provide helpful so far.  We are excited to be able to complete the circle with the all-important  “how-to” content component our community has been asking for. In this regard, we invite and encourage all IoT vendors, systems integrators, and service providers to share their voice.

Complete the brief contact us form or email us directly at steve@iotsources or kevin@iotsources to get involved.  You can also learn more by visiting the Vendor Opportunities page.

Thank you for your continued support of IoT Sources.


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