We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the trend of IoT compute power moving closer to the edge. Amazon’s AWS, however, has taken the position that hybrid cloud infrastructure will still revolve mainly around the cloud.  They have built a model that assumes that low-powered devices will collect data and then send that data up to the cloud. The reality is though, that there are more and more use cases emerging that depend on edge computing on-premise for certain applications. With latency remaining a main issue for certain real time IoT computing requirements, it only stands to reason that computing at the edge, and on-premise, is the only viable option. In the interview that follows, AWS does refer to compute at the device level, but they imply that most, if not all compute will be sent back up to the cloud.   

The top reason why companies and governments are moving to the cloud is the speed and agility with which they can change customer experiences, and security has become one of the top selling points for choosing No. 1 Amazon Web Services, according to Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy.

In a wide-ranging technology leadership talk at CERAWeek 2019, Jassy talked about the cloud’s value proposition and the challenges it presents for some companies, and the new technologies most piquing his interest.

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