More Enterprises Than Not Are Unaware, Unsure or Not Interested in IoT

In a recent survey of 1600 IT and telecoms decision makers in enterprises worldwide, Analysys Mason asked whether they had heard of IoT, and if so, whether they had plans to deploy IoT solutions. The results were quite surprising.  What they revealed was that only a small percentage of firms already had an operational solution.  Just 12% of small to medium enterprises and only 18% of large enterprises had deployed an IoT project. What is even more stark, yet very revealing, is the share of enterprises that was unaware of IoT or not interested in it.  All told, this group of respondents was comprised of 52% of small to medium enterprises and over 40% of large enterprises.  This lack of awareness and visibility of what the IoT can do for businesses of all sizes, and in all industries, is what has propelled the creation and launch of IoT Sources.

Enterprise survey 2017: A lack of awareness of IoT is holding back its adoption more than technology issues

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