Data center colocation operator Equinix announced that it will buy Packet. Packet’s offering enables enterprises to build their own applications on non-virtualized hardware, or what is more commonly known as bare metal servers. Packet has more recently been supplying the underlying hardware for several IoT edge computing networks. They place servers inside telco central offices, colocation facilities, and other areas to provide a unified infrastructure layer for creating IoT networks that run on top of it. Packet has been one of the early leaders in edge computing for business, including deploying an IoT network for Sprint. The story that follows provides more details about the deal, and why their offering may be good for companies looking to deploy IoT-based initiatives in the cloud.

In a major push into edge computing, colocation market leader Equinix will buy Packet, a startup specializing in distributed cloud services. The acquisition will allow Equinix to accelerate the deployment of interconnected edge services, as well as extend into “bare metal” cloud services.

The deal is one of the first major acquisitions in edge computing, which seeks to process data and services as close to the end user as possible. The trend is driven by the increased use of consumer mobile devices, especially consumption of video and virtual reality content and the growth of sensors as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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