There are some who feel that building an app from the start of your IoT project or business is a must. It is their belief that it creates a solid foundation upon which you can create a self sustaining and functional IoT ecosystem. The ecosystem they refer to facilitates a feedback mechanism that your early adopters can utilize to convey their needs, likes and dislikes. To find out how to build an IoT app, you can check the guide out in the how-to article below.

In case you haven’t heard, mobile is taking over desktop. More and more users are ditching their laptops and heading to their mobiles to consume content.

In fact, time spent per day on mobile phones has increased about 575% in just 3 years. What’s more, around 80% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent using apps.

Now, more than ever before, it’s vital to provide a seamless mobile experience for your customers. And the best way to give an immersive, positive experience is through a dedicated app.

If you have yet to catch up with the trend and are unsure if an app is right for your business, this article is going to open your eyes not only to the benefits of having an app to grow your business, but how easy it is to create an app – whether you’re a solopreneur or multi-million business.

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