Intel’s new line of 11th Gen microprocessors along with and its new version of Atom processors is shaking things up considerably. Not only are the specs impressive, but these are the first chips of their kind to add silicon level support for time-sensitive networking. Intel also unveiled a number of industry-specific packages around technology that aims to create an ecosystem for industrial IoT, most of which will be powered by 5G technology. The following article provides more depth and details on the tech and the industry specific solutions. 

Intel launched two new industrial IoT processors at its Intel Industrial Summit as well as edge computing hardware and software reference designs aimed at specific use cases.

The 11th Gen Intel Core & Intel Atom x6000E Series processors aim to bring more compute to edge applications. The company also outlined an Edge Software Hub including use-case specific reference designs, customization tools and reusable container packages for retail, industrial, predictive analytics, and computer vision.

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