MobiledgeX recently released new research that shares the use cases that make the most sense for living at the edge. The company conducted interviews with more than 200 organizations in order to find out which applications required low latency and large amounts of data. The data is presented in a cool way, as one can click through to see the use of edge computing in vertical segments or by actual IoT-based applications. There’s even the ability to dig into specific use cases within each segment.

To begin to answer the question “when, where, and how will edge yield commercial value?,” we conducted a series of interviews with experts across many areas of the technology ecosystem, and leaders from various enterprise verticals, to better understand perceived pain points, infrastructure and architectural limitations, business aspirations and roadmaps, as well as the specific experiences they desired to bring to their end customers in the near, medium, and long term.

The interviews began to reveal trends in what have become edge and market factors at the core of Edge Navigator’s framework. The edge factors, such as applications for which network performance is critical and the need for heavy I/O, as well as the market factors, such as perception of market readiness and current market size, were applied to 48 edge use cases most commonly referenced in the interviews.

Check out the MobiledgeX Navigator here

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