Ray Ozzie is back at it again. The founder of Lotus Notes has launched a new startup that makes your IoT devices plug-and-play ready. His new company, Blue Wireless, offers a module equipped with cellular radios and a pre-set fee that includes the cost of the board and the data usage as well. The solution works by connecting IoT end point devices using an IoT platform and a cellular connection from AT&T. Ozzie claims that his offering is not a technology searching for a market, but rather a ubiquitous solution that is already in demand. From the sound of it, he has a lot of company in the space already. 

Ray Ozzie, the man who created Lotus Notes and helped usher Microsoft into the cloud era has a new goal: helping devices in the home get smarter by hooking them up directly to the cellular airwaves. In an exclusive interview, Ozzie said his startup has started trials with AT&T on a module that securely connects all sorts of products, from appliances and alarms to vending machines and construction equipment.

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