As we approach year end, the predictions for all things IoT abound for the upcoming year. With the formal introduction to the marketplace of 5G, along with the increasing deployment of AI-based initiatives, 2019 portends some interesting plans for the internet of things  Arm offered up its view of what they think 2019 will look like for the IoT. Additionally they sponsored a survey of  of 2,000 end users (conducted by Northstar) to get their thoughts for next year. The summary of both can be found in the article below.   

The end of the year brings predictions galore, and Arm has jumped on this bandwagon with its view on what it thinks will happen in the internet of things (IoT) in 2019. It also carried out a consumer survey to find out what end users think about IoT, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G.

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