IoT Sources is pleased to recognize Nube iO as one of our Featured Vendors. IoT Sources’ Featured Vendors are those companies that have made the commitment to help organizations put the IoT to work.

Nube iO is an IoT technology company with a focus on developing IoT solutions for the built environment. Their core business goal is to produce a set of technologies which make Building Automation faster, easier, and cheaper. They foresee a world where automation and built environment systems are fast, affordable and effective. They believe automated building technologies should be accessible to everyone, from small to large businesses.

Simply put, Nube iO is a suite of hardware and complementary software interfaces designed to reduce the costs and frustrations associated with a Building Management System. Using open-source and wireless technologies, Nube iO enables the capture of data from the physical environment and the transfer of that data into the cloud. This data can then be interpreted, providing valuable insights about a space or a building of any size.

If your company is an IoT vendor that is committed to helping in putting the IoT to work, learn more about becoming an IoT Sources’ Featured Vendor here.

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